3 Tips to Boosting Your Metabolism


As we get older, our metabolism naturally starts to slow down. This is affected by many different things. The main source being age. Since we cannot control that, here are a few simple tips to help you boost your metabolism:

1, First and foremost you should exercise. This doesn't mean just "cardio" either. While cardiovascular and aerobic training is important, we're trying to make a dent in calories and muscle.

For that you've got to do strength training.

2. Second, you should eat well and recover well.

Eating well helps balance out the hormonal changes associated with aging and recovering well amplifies this effect.

Not only does your recovery directly affect your hormones, it also affects your ability to push yourself when working out. Eat vegetables, good fats, lean meats, and good carbs.

Sleep 7-9 hours, take naps, foam roll, stretch, and throw in some walking in your downtime.

3. Third you should seek to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle - consistency is key. Don't jump on the diet bandwagon all the time.

Ballooning up and down in weight and stopping/starting exercise constantly wreaks havoc on your metabolism and hormones.

Your body is always and constantly in state of survival. No matter what is going on around you, it is trying to survive. Don't put it through ups and downs of not eating enough or eating too much. Give it what it needs.

Work at making one of these things a habit and do it consistently (notice I didn't say "perfectly") forever. The impact of aging will be lower and you'll have better habits and tools to use when it happens.

Happy Metabolism Warriors!