8 Tips to Stay Hydrated in the Winter

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Are You Dehydrated?

Although we tend to think of it as a summertime concern, dehydration does not disfavor the cooler months.

In fact, the likelihood of dehydration is accelerated when you live in states that experience cold months. In these conditions, the air you breathe is drier, and your lungs have to work harder to humidify that air and warm it up. The harder your body works, the more you need to drink. We are also colder and chugging something cold doesn't always sound appealing.

Dehydration goes much further for us than just dry mouth and being thirsty. It directly impacts your energy levels and mood. Our brains are made of 85% water even mild dehydration can have significant impact on mood, energy levels and mental performance. It can effect your overall water retention, digestion, absorption of nutrients and many many more.

Follow these few tips for staying hydrated this winter time!

1. Always have a bottle of water with you where you are (i.e. at the desk, next to you in bed, in your handbag). If it is in plain sight, you're more likely to sip on it more frequently. Know how many ounces are in your bottle and set a goal to drink a certain amount every day.

2. Winter is the perfect time to fill up on hearty soup and stews. These are often full of water, and are a deliciously comforting way to increase your fluid intake.

3. Set regular alerts on your phone to remind you to have a drink. In fact, there is even an app for this very purpose! Alternatively, leave post it notes on your computer screen to remind you to drink.

4. Eat your water. Cucumber, lettuce, celery, radishes, tomatoes, peppers, spinach and watermelon are all composed of at leas 90% water.

5. Switch your tea or coffee for herbal teas. Peppermint, fennel and ginger are all good options, but most importantly choose on your enjoy and will want to drink more of! Even though coffee is a diuretic effect (makes you dehydrated), fluid losses are small.

6. Never ignore thirst. If you're thirsty, it's likely you are dehydrated. This could already be having a negative impact on your body, listen to what your body is telling you.

7. If you're not a fan of plain water, infuse it with fresh fruits and herbs, which can add flavor. Fresh lemon and ginger, strawberry and basil, rosemary and grapefruit are just a few delicious combinations you can try.

8. Choose warm water if it's just too cold to drink it from the tap or fridge. Cut up a lemon and put it in there. Or add some ginger slices to it, which is a great tummy soother.

Stay hydrated warriors. Set a goal this week for water consumption. You can do it!

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