Be Content and Happy in Your Life Today



Have you ever thought about what defines a person? What about yourself? Would you ever tell your friend the things you tell yourself?

 This is my beautiful friend, Megan.
Megan is a teacher. She is a coach. She is a wife. She is a daughter. She is a sister. She is a friend. She is a queen. These are just a few of the things she is, but is that WHO she is. 
She is more than all of these things, and so are you. We get extremely caught up in our list of things we are, things we have not yet done, and what we are working toward. Instead why don’t we celebrate what we are doing NOW. You in this moment are doing awesome, huge, world changing things! 
When will our work be enough for ourselves?
How about right now. Yes, now. Not next month.
Not when you lose the weight, not when you get the promotion, not when you feel more in control. RIGHT NOW.
No more being concerned with what others are thinking, especially yourself. Because the truth is, you will never be happy or content with your circumstances unless you learn to be happy in the place you are right now. 

Happy Day Queen.