How to DETOX the Right Way

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The Real Deal

I am going to teach you one of the most effective and simple detoxes you will ever encounter. The right way to detox.  It goes like this, and addresses the three toxic insults that we face (stress, food and endotoxins), so your body can easily handle any toxic chemicals that come its way.

  1. Stop The Stress

  2. Soothe the Digestion

  3. Sweat It Out

It’s genius is in its simplicity, but, rest assured, the science behind these three seemingly simple elements is solid, and well thought out.  Each of these three elements has a very particular approach. 

Stop The Stress.  Think the STP acronym

  1. S= Strides.  Walking is key.  Walking, the slow relaxing kind, is one of the only forms of activity that simultaneously lowers stress hormones and sensitizes the body’s insulin.  It is essentially a hormonal reset button, because it relaxes, restores and reboots the hypothalamus and pituitary command center.  Shoot for 10,000 steps a day on your detox.

  2. T= Take it easy. This means planning plenty of rest, recovery and relaxation time.  I call this rest-based living, and it includes all the known activities that lower and counter-act the impact of high cortisol, and other stress hormones.  Walking we already mentioned, but others include slow relaxing movement (like tai chi and restorative yoga), meditation, massage, sex/physical affection, social connection, laughter, spa time and hot relaxing baths, shower or sauna.

  3. P= Pause. Take the hurry out of life.  Take time away.  Spend quiet time.  Reduce exposure to noise, light and stressful stimuli like the news and other agitating media. Pause is about sitting quietly, watching the birds.  Or listening to classical music while slowly sipping tea. Or taking an afternoon nap. Leaving your phone and computer for two hours while you hang out in a relaxing bath tub. This P, and the T above, sound similar don’t they?  They are closely related. T is about the body and P is about the mind. There will definitely be some overlap. My favorite way to do this, is a bath.  You will see in a minute how a hot, epsom salt bath is one of the most powerful detox tools we have.

Soothe The Digestion. For this one think 4R

  1. R= Remove all foods that are hard to digest, common allergens or solid in nature. If you are wondering what to eat, think three things.  Soups, salads and smoothies.  Thats it. The soups should be simple chicken broth with well cooked veggies.  The salads should be easily digested mixed greens and oil and vinegar dressings. The smoothies should be either protein shake (whey protein or pea protein either are extremely detoxifying due to its glutamine and branched chain amino acids) or vegetable juice blends.

  2. R=Replace digestive capacity by taking a good quality digestive enzyme.

  3. R= Repopulate the digestive system with healthy probiotic bacteria to reduce LPS toxins

  4. R= Repair with protein powder and/or glutamine.

Sweat It Out.  For this one think BS (bath or sauna)

One of the number one ways to get chemical toxins out of their storage in body fat is to heat up the body and getting it sweating. This has been shown to be highly effective against the two most common types of metabolic environmental toxins, heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants.

  1. B- Bath.  Run a hot bath.  Add 2-4 cups of epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) and immerse yourself up to your neck.  Stay in the tub until you start to feel overly stimulated, hot and begin to sweat. Try to maintain this sweat for 5-20 minutes depending on tolerance. Once you can’t tolerate anymore, get out of the tub, wrap up in a sheet and wool blankets and sweat for another twenty minutes or more. Stay hydrated. Do 4-7times per week.  The more the better.

  2. S= sauna, especially infrared sauna is extremely beneficial in creating the same sweat effect.  Stay in for 20-40 minutes.  Try to do 4-7 times per week

  3. One VERY important caveat here is to realize that during sweating you are releasing chemical toxins your body conveniently stored away in fat to keep you safe.  This can do damage if you don’t have something in place to make sure anything not removed in sweat is taken up and removed.  

So next time you are feeling the need for a reset, instead of paying a ton of money for another "detox" program, try this instead! 

Have a great week Warrior!