How to LOVE Working out

Workout and love it.jpg

One month into the New Year and this is usually where fleeting feelings of frustrations start to run rampant. Maybe you didn't hit your big goal of getting in as many workouts as you wanted, or your perfect planned workout schedule isn't exactly what you thought it would be. Maybe you are struggling getting into a routine. Learning to love working out and finding a routine you want to stick to is not simple. 

It's really easy to view working out as an annoyance or a form of punishment. Especially if you are working out to counterbalance some food choices you weren't so happy about. Are you stuck in a vicious cycle of death by sweat? Here are some pointers to get you out of this cycle and break your routine!

No it won't be easy.
No one is an expert and you don't have to be in the best shape ever to start going to the gym. Fitness is meant to challenge us. We are all a sweaty, gross mess trying to just finish the workout. Instead of wishing the moments away, embrace the pain and think about pushing past that barrier you are setting for yourself. If you find yourself comparing what you've got to the person next to you, remember that person has their own stuff they are dealing with. Focus on your body and mind in this moment.

Finding what you LIKE is apart of the fun.
Whatever you like to do is awesome. Some people I know are all about running or pilates or cycling. Part of learning to live fitness is finding what you love to do. If you do not like running, and you have been running, how is that going? Kind of painful? You are lacking the motivation to do it or enjoy it because you don't like it. Find what you love and do it.

There's no shame in failing.
Ever felt utterly defeated by a workout? Maybe a hot yoga class or an intense cardio class. It can be easy to feel insecure and defeated when we don't perform like we want to. Your journey is your own, with ups and downs. Somedays we will kill a workout, somedays we will feel like we haven't done anything in years! Understanding and acknowledging that failure is apart of your path is essential to loving the way you workout.

Accept your body-and yourself.
Self-love is real. A very large part of self love is loving your body and where it's at. All the insecurities and things you don't like when you look in the mirror, start to appreciate them. By discovering workouts that inspire you, make you feel stronger and give you joy. We must learn to treat ourselves better, both mentally and physically. Name your insecurities and turn them to a positive. For example, if you don't like your arms, see them as strong and powerful to get you through a workout. 

Your self worth isn't based on your body type or pant size, it's based on how you choose to take care of yourself and appreciate YOU. That starts from the inside out.