Stand Strong in Your Story


I personally think transformation posts are fantastic. It’s easy to see these types of posts as an outward representation of change. I challenge you to see it as someone proclaiming transformation from within. End first rant. 

The picture on the left was taken in 2011. I was 135 pounds. Looking at this picture I remember being at war with myself as I was in the dark midst of eating disorders that ruled every part of my life. 
The idea that every young girl faces that her body must look a certain way in order to be accepted, loved and valued is dead wrong. 

We all know this but even still, what do we do about it? Why are our young girls and boys (yes every gender) still growing up thinking this way?

Why is no one talking about this mental illness that is now consuming the hearts of over 30 million people in the US?
We must stop the cruelty, body shaming and small undercuts as a people. 
We MUST do better. 

Not by hiding your story and experiences, but by bringing the darkness into light. 
If you don’t understand eating disorders and you don’t care, that’s totally cool but educate yourself on it.

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of mental illnesses and the numbers are growing. 
If you have been at war with your body, it may not seem appealing to you, especially if it is uncomfortable to sit or walk within its confines...come home to it. 

Today, I weigh 152 pounds and I have never been more at home in my own skin. I eat what I want, and have never more free. I have had to teach myself to accept the one body I was given, and if you are doing that even just a little in your journey, you are not alone. 

Wherever you are, and whatever you may be battling...remember that everyone around you has a battle of their own and there is beauty in that. 🌙🌻💛