Why it's so Important to Reset in the Spring


Your focus is precious, what you do each day DOES matter.

How are your daily actions adding up to become the life you want for yourself?

Do you ever notice yourself…

  • Loading up your calendar with so many responsibilities that you genuinely don’t have time to prioritize food and exercise the way you’d like to

  • Forgetting to pay attention to what your body is telling you, let alone making choices to bring yourself into balance

  • Feeling like you’re constantly being chased by the feeling of “I don’t have enough time”

  • Genuinely uninspired with your food scene, like you just want to grab whatever is easy then eat it in the car

  • Reaching for sweets, baked goods or alcohol when you’re tired, stressed or to the point of “I’m at my limit”

  • Not wanting to get out of bed in the morning or having crap energy in the afternoon

  • Fantasizing about being outside enjoying your day more than you actually are

  • Feeling heavy and dull, like you wish you could press a reset button

  • Wanting to “begin again” with the routines you know make you feel good but struggling to find the perfect time to start

It’s a bummer, sometimes the pursuit of “health” can actually become a roadblock to the joy and freedom you desire.

I hear people struggle with this all the time, they genuinely want sustainable change with their food, exercise and stress reducing habits – but it’s hard – because, well… life. Trust me, if you have a tenancy to make healthy changes for a while but then drop the ball, you’re not alone!

These people I talk to, they crave more consistency and follow through. They tell me they want more self-control or self-discipline.

They tell me about how they experience periods of getting on a “health kick” with food and exercise but then something will happen: a vacation, a busy kid schedule, a family or work upheaval – they get thrown off track.

They’re back at square one. Uninspired to start over.

The balance of making time for life duties, family and relationships and then on top of that eating right and exercising too, can become distorted, to the point of being a mental and physical drain.

The door to self-critique opens: damn, what’s wrong with me, why can’t I get this?

When there’s no enjoyment in the PROCESS of getting healthy, it all just feels like more work, more boxes that aren’t getting checked on the to-do list, more failed attempts, more reasons to feel like – you’re not doing it good enough.

I know it’s hard to “begin again” when you feel like you’ve been here before.

It can even feel scary to commit to something, like there’s a risk involved.

Often we’re never 100% “ready” to start. But jumping in is key because here’s the deal: we learn by doing and we make change by doing – not by thinking about doing. 

Adults are experiential learners.

It’s easy to nod our head in agreement while reading articles that are chalk full of great ideas about getting healthy, stressing less and loving yourself. It’s easy to buy the book about how to change, then let it get dusty on the shelf.

At some point we have to be willing to allow our efforts to be messy and imperfect, realizing that’s what change looks like.

Consistent, imperfect effort adds up.

At some point we need to lean toward our desire, practice courage, and step in. Ready or not, here I come.
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