Why You Should Take The Hard Path

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Let me ask you a question. Whatever you are pursuing right now, do you like your current results? Are your results average? Below average? Above? Or are they extraordinary? Let's see.

Results you get come from choices you make

Your results in any field are directly connected to the choices you’ve been making. And if you’re disappointed with your results, it’s probably the choices that you might want to reconsider.

Lots of people are pleased with average results. But that’s not us! Me and you, we hate settling! We like to stretch our limits. We’re comfortable being uncomfortable chasing growth and betterment. Where other people stop we keep going. We like pushing against resistance because we know that’s when we grow. Our standards won’t allow us to settle for mediocrity.

Different results requires different approach

If you want to become successful beyond the average you obviously have to do things differently than all the average achievers out there. The majority is doing what everybody else is doing. Whatever part of life you focus on - health, wealth, dating, etc., you can clearly see this pattern.

Just look around. An average person watches 30+ hours of TV per week. An average person is overweight. An average person is deep in debt. Average person dislikes his job. An average person has no vision for themselves or any life goals. And the worst of all, they call all this normal.

Never do what everybody else is doing

To break out of the sea of mediocrity you simply have to make different choices. The over-simplified rule of thumb here could be to just do the opposite. And it may sound harsh and not very scientific but when you think about it, more often than not, that’s the way to go.

However, doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing means taking the hard path. And right off the bat, let me tell you two reasons why taking the hard path will pay off for you in the long term.

1. Everyone takes the easy path.. Not us!!

The choices you make not only impact your outcomes but they also shape your character. And the path you take will shape how your life will go.

The easy path is very tempting. No wonder is overcrowded all the time. On the contrary, the hard path, the difficult path, is very seldom traveled. It’s said that the extra mile is never crowded. I wonder why (not really). Taking the difficult path will provide growing experience and sense of satisfaction knowing you refused to settle for any easy path like everyone else. You didn’t quit when things got harder and kept pushing. Not everyone can do it. Not everyone wants to be a badass either.

2. Take the hard path - it’s usually exactly what you need to do!

When we’re trying to achieve something new we’re not only fighting the novelty by learning everything from the ground up but also our own brains. Your brain loves routines, habits and comfort. It’s actually only trying to protect you from seemingly dangerous things and situations. And everything that’s new or uncomfortable is a potential danger to your brain. So it’s always ready with a plethora of excuses why you shouldn’t do something.

However, if you really truly want to chase greatness, many times you have no other choice but to go against what your brain is telling you. You have to go against the comfort and into the resistance. It is usually exactly that one thing that you’ve been avoiding or been resisting the most that you need to do in order to keep moving forward.

Do not conform

I urge you not to conform to this new so-called normal way of life that everyone else is living. Instead, I encourage you to take the hard path. Start with easy little things. Everyday stuff you avoid because there are less difficult alternatives available to you. And keep scaling your efforts up. Dedicate yourself to taking the hard path as often as possible and fight your bias toward easy worse options daily.

Yes, you’ll go against the resistance of your former limits. Yes, you’ll put yourself in new and uncomfortable situations. And yes, you’ll stick out from the crowd. Learn to enjoy the discomfort and know that’s when wonderful new things will start to happen for you.

Expose yourself to new challenges and new situations. It'll feel terrifying at first but if you take my word for it, you'll thank me later for this one. 

Choose the tough path this week when it seems everyone around you is taking the easier one. Have a great week Warrior!