YOU are a Queen


Guess What? YOU are a queen.

This quote always stirs something inside of me. It speaks of an act of service and humility. If you are a women, you are a queen. Doesn’t matter where you come from, your beliefs, your political views, your looks, your personality. It does not matter. 

If you grace this earth and are a women, you are a queen and you are a leader. To be a women is to be a leader. Loving on other queens and getting off our throne to help out other fellow women. 

You can’t fix what you can’t see. Do you see other women’s crowns? We should be embracing the fact that other women beautiful, worthy, talented, unique, powerful, special and worthy of praise. YES you are amazing and a piece of art, but what about the women you see everyday? Do you treat them that way? We often hesitate to lift others up because of our own insecurities. 

By virtue of being a woman, you are a queen. But to be a real queen, you need to see beyond yourself. Real queens know that they need each other, don’t tear one another down. Let’s come together as a bunch of awesome, beautiful queens.
Happy Living Queen. 👑