Get ready to start the journey of your life.

Toward a new way of living.

Toward loving yourself.

Toward loving your life.



Have you been saying yes to everyone and everything but yourself?

It's time to say yes to you!

It's time to say yes to the life you want.

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Each one of us is unique. 

A one-of-a-kind masterpiece designed with love.


My programs are designed to help you create a life that is more than you ever could have imagined for yourself. Discover a simpler and more fulfilling way to love yourself and to love your life.


Hi, I'm Murphy!

My passion is helping women learn to love themselves. I want you to love the skin you are in and, in turn, love your life.  

I hold a dual certification in Health and Life Coaching through the Health Coaching Institute. My education has enabled me to understand the relationship between mind, body and soul, and how to coach clients on nutrition, lifestyle and habit change. I also am a Certified Physical Preparation Specialist, which gives me the opportunity to provide personal training. Through achieving my B.S. in Exercise Science and Psychology, I discovered that my passion was showing women just like you how beautifully strong you are. I am also a Teen Body Image Specialist, which allows me to work with teenage girls on confidence, self-esteem and identifying negative thoughts and behaviors.

Each one of us possesses an inner strength. Maybe you've discovered it but aren't sure how to tap into it. Maybe you're unaware of your strength. I want to help you wherever you are in your journey.


Murphy Palmer Life Coach

Are you ready to join me?






I would like to introduce you to some women.

Young and old, who were in your shoes.

Who decided to say yes to themselves.

I came to Murphy because I was feeling stuck, I had so many positive things happening in my life, but I wasn’t able to be joyful or passionate about any of it! At the beginning of the program, we focused on finding joy in the little things, being present, and really taking the time to slow down to let myself enjoy what I have. As our journey continued, I became more joyful, less anxious, and it seemed I was allowing myself to feel content. I began to forgive myself for not always accomplishing something. I am more optimistic, energized and joyful about my future more than I have ever been. I’m finding passions I have that feed my soul! I love Murphy and the work she does. If you are struggling with something internally, whether it be weight, health, self depreciation, or just feeling stuck. She is amazing at leading you on a journey to loving yourself and recognizing your potential.
— Karla G. , 36
Murphy has taught me the power of myself! Through her accountability, teaching, and guidance, I am realizing the power and control I have of my life. By allowing me to see new perspectives, Murphy has helped transform the way I not only eat, sleep, and breathe, but has helped transform the way I am able to think about myself. Realizing I am a person worthy of self love, I can see my strengths and goals in a new and productive way.
— -Zoe M. , 21
Murphy and I worked together through her Four Weeks to Wellness program! She brought me back to the basics and helped me focus on relaxation, nutrition, and self-care. Murphy’s program equipped me with the tools and techniques I needed to help manage my stress at work and in everyday life. She also helped me identify measurable goals, and she held me ACCOUNTABLE for reaching those goals, one step at a time. I highly recommend Murphy and her work. Without this program I would still be thinking about my goals instead of PURSUING my goals, and I feel refreshed and empowered!
— Cynthia E. , 29
Through working on who I am I now know and believe that I am strong enough and capable of doing anything. That my life is more than what I do, what I say and what I am capable of. I am powerful and really love the person I am. I could not say that and believe it before this.
— Sam M. , 20
Murphy helped me walk through the fire when I couldn’t move. I have used my story and experiences to change the lives of others. After my father passed away, I didn’t know what way was up or down. I have learned that there is power in my words and my story; I just needed to learn how to love what I offer the world.
— Lauren L. , 18
It was fabulous working with Murphy. She is so knowledgeable, gracious, and patient, while encouraging you to do the hard things that will get you where you want to go. I love that she is so very down-to-earth and wants to help you create a sustainable plan that you can live with and that will work for you! Her personal commitment and dedication to her clients is inspiring. If you are desiring life change or needing help tweaking some things, contact Murphy—your future self will thank you!!
— Deb M. , 52
Murphy quickly taught me more about myself than anyone has ever showed me. The awesome thing about her is she is always pushing me to discover more about myself and what I am capable of. I limit myself so often, no more of holding back because of fear.
— Parker K. , 17
What I really respect about Murphy is that during the first time I talked with her, she just wanted to chat to see if she was a good fit for me, me needs and my goals. Because of her desire to want to really know me, she was able to dedicate our sessions to things that were personally going to benefit me. Whether it was listening to me cry or vent while talking me through breathing exercises, providing me with work outs and meal suggestions, or giving me advice on how to change my negative thoughts into positive ones. She doesn’t do this for the money or recognition but because she is so passionate about helping others in anyway she can - I am SO thankful for that.
— Lauren M. , 27
Working with Murphy continues to be a fantastic journey! I’m working with her on a balanced lifestyle, better nutrition, regular exercise and a positive outlook. It’s a lot of work and Murphy is nothing but extremely educational, supportive, and downright creative. I am growing, embracing me and having fun while doing it!
— Sheryl V. , 48



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